Gathapraya was a very fun cultural festival.
Gathapraya was a cultural festival made by SMAN 3 Bandung's culutral festival committee, it was made to give the students and visitors entertainment that is Indonesian, something most Indonesian kids nowadays don't appreciate.
This year, Gathapraya is celebrated on 30 September 2017.
The festival started with a parade around the area of SMAN 3 and consisted of mobiles, traditional dancing and music. It was a fun walk. Because, the other people was looking at us. They were curious about what us did. We sing a traditional songs. Even though it was very hot day, but we enjoyed it.
The actual festival started near noon and was filled with cool guest stars that filled the show with fun, entertaining and cultural shows. We took a picture, played a traditional games like enggrang and the other. There was many vendors selling their food. So many food there, traditional or modern food, all of them were available there.
Some of these shows w…

Narrative Text

Text Organization Language Features Orientation Once upon a time there liveda stone cutter ,in a small village. All day long he workedhard, cutting the hard stones and making the shape which were needed by his customers. His hands werehard and his clothes were dirty.
One day he went out to work on a big stone. It was very hard to work and the sun was very hot. Afterspending several hours cutting the stone, he sat down in the shade and soon fell asleep.
Complication After sometime, he heard sound of somebody coming. Walking up he saw a long procession of people. There were many soldiers and attendants and in the middle, in a palanquin, carried by strong people at the king

Holiday's Plan

Kayla  : Good morning, Amara! The weather is hot, right?Amara  : Yeah, I can't wait to do a winter vacation on December! Kayla  : Me too. By the way, what will you do when holiday comes? Amara  : My family and I are going to go to New York.  Kayla  : What an amazing plan! Why do you plan it? Amara  : Because, my brother told me that New York is a favourite destination when the winter comes. There are so many beautiful place to visit. How about you? Kayla  : I'm going to visit Korea to watch EXO's concert and fanmeeting. For your information, EXO is my favourite boyband. By the way, when will you go to New York? Amara  : I'm going to go there on 23rd of December. How about you? Kayla  : I'm going to go to Korea on 21st of December because I ran out of tickets for flight on 19th of December. Amara  : Bad to hear that. By the way, don't forget to bring me some souvenirs, ok? Kayla  : Of course I will! You have to do that too. Amara  : Oh, yeah! My cousin is going to watch E…

My Unforgetable Moment

When I was on 5th grade, I always play with my friend. But, I didn't like to play in my house, because it was boring. So, I played outside of my house. There's a lot of boy and I always played with them. One of them, there is my naughty friend, Haikal. He's younger than me. But, he's so temprament. No one cared about him. My the other friends didn't like him. One day, I fought with him because he was cheating when played hide and seek. But, he didn't admit it. Me and my friends finally stayed away from him for a while so that he would admit that he was wrong.  But, he still won't admit that he was wrong and he got very angry with us.
I didn't know what was on his mind, he suddenly hit me. And I ran away from him, but he still tried to chased me. I ran quite far and he still behind me. I felt like I'm going to die because it was really tiring. 
I'm so lucky because at that time there was my friend's mother. I immediately hugged her and I cried. S…


When holiday ends, all of new students in Senior high School 3 Bandung start their day. They chatting in the hall. Kayla : Hi! I'm kayla. what's your name? Amara : Oh hi! I'm Amara. Nice to meet you. Kayla : Nice to meet you too. What school are you from? Amara : I'm from Junior High School 2 Bandung. What about you? Kayla : I'm from Junior High School 8 Bandung. By the way, what kind of major do you want to take? Social or science? Amara : I hope I can join the science class because I really want to be a doctor. But, I'm afraid that I can't pass the test. Kayla : A test? But, someone said that this year there will be no major test. Amara : Really? I hope that way too. oh yeah, what about you? what kind of major do you want to take? Kayla : Me too. I really want to take the science class.  Amara : Good! I hope we can be classmate. Kayla : Yeah! You're a good person. Amara : Thanks. oh, May I have your Line ID? Kayla : Sure. It's kaylasw Amara : Okay. …

It's Me!!

Hello! My name is Amara Adinda Ayu but you can call me Amara. I was born on Thursday, 17th of January 2002. I have an elder sister. Her name is Aini. Sometimes I fight with her just because a little things. I was a student in junior High School no.2 Bandung. And now, I'm a student in Senior High School no.3 Bandung. I'm so happy because my school is the best senior high school in Bandung and I'm the part of that. My friends said that I'm a tomboy girl. My mom said, that's because When I was still in the womb, the doctor said that my parents will have a son, not a daughter.
My father's name is Sofyan Primulyana. He always go to another city for work. Although my father not always stay in Bandung, I'm so proud of him because he can still give me a lot of love. my mother is an amazing mother that I'll always love no matter what.
My hobby is reading a novel. i have a lot of book at my bookshelf. but, I only can reading a book when weekend or when holiday come…